China’s Four Regional Cooking Schools

Cited from, China has 4 main regional cuisines and they all differ in flavors and cooking styles:
1) Northern or Beijing (Peking) Cuisine
2) Eastern or Shanghai Cuisine
3) Western or Szechuan Cuisine
4) Southern or Cantonese cuisine

We pretty much ate our way through China’s culinary map.

Sichuan restaurant we stumbled across on East Nanjing Road; Everything had chilis and the tingly-numbing peppercorns.

Beef and pickled vegetables

Pork and mushrooms20130422-124737.jpg

Grated potatoes20130422-124751.jpg

Spicy fish20130422-124804.jpg

Xiaochi “Small eats” late night restaurant one block from Shanghai Grand Central Hotel

Fish appetizer

Sautéed greens20130422-130739.jpg

Braised fish (favorite)20130422-130752.jpg

Tofu egg drop soup20130422-130803.jpg

Awesome Mongolian hot pot restaurant, if you have a large party, try to request your own room.20130422-130857.jpg

Plaza it was located in20130422-130909.jpg

Regular and spicy broth to dip the meats, seafood and veggies20130422-130924.jpg

Many restaurants in XinTianDi to people watch…this little girl had a team of photographers following her.20130422-130942.jpg

Cantonese dim sum in XinTianDi20130422-130951.jpg

Restaurant we found near the underground fake designers mall. Now THAT was an interesting experience…secret entrance ways only opened with clickers and bookshelves that opened up to reveal back rooms full of fake purses, watches, and wallets. After lunch the vendors were a lot more tense after the police came through on a raid.

Deep fried peppered pork20130422-131008.jpg

Sautéed greens with garlic20130422-131025.jpg

Delicious thinly shaved lamb and cilantro20130422-131033.jpg

Pork, tofu, greens soup20130422-131041.jpg

One of my favorite fatty dishes, red braised pork belly with quail eggs20130422-131048.jpg

Garlic chives and eggs20130422-131056.jpg

Lao Sheng Cha – Another Cantonese restaurant on East Nanjing Road, three dishes we ordered shown below20130422-131129.jpg

Fiancé loved this noodle soup dish, spicy pork noodle soup with pickled radish and beancurd20130422-131103.jpg

Pork dumpling soup20130422-131112.jpg

Pork and mushroom soup dumplings20130422-131118.jpg

We even had Taiwanese beef noodle soup in Shanghai. It was next to our hotel, Shanghai Grand Central.

Beef, tendon, tripe20130422-131154.jpg

Spicy beef and tomato20130422-131210.jpg

To top it all off, Haagen Dazs is a BIG deal in Shanghai. There’s a hostess who seats you and waiters who bring out your fancy ice cream platters. We were being extremely decadent that night…



Time to low-carb it and hit the gym. Shanghai is definitely a food mecca.

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