Shanghai’s Guyi Hunan Restaurant

Another friend recommended a popular Hunan restaurant to us while we were in Shanghai called GuYi. We had to jump in a cab near People’s Park and take a 10-15 ride over to the west side of town where the expats lived. The restaurant was a little upscale compared to your average Shanghai establishment but it turned out to be one of the better meals we had in the city. Everything was spicy and full of Chinese Sichuan “numbing” peppercorns and cumin. The pricing for food and beers was definitely more on the Western side.

Cumin lamb ribs were my favorite

Eggplant and string beans were a hit with some of us who don’t even like eggplant

Red braised pork belly and eggs

Grilled prawns, ate them shell on

Washed it down with 600ml Tiger beer

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