Bombay Sizzler Indian Restaurant now in Las Colinas

My favorite Dallas Ft. Worth Indian restaurant moved to Las Colinas off O’Connor and 114 awhile ago and we finally tried it out last night on the way back from the airport. The new restaurant right by the canals has a much nicer ambiance then the old dingy restaurant and the food is still as good as before.

Chicken lollipops (spicy Indo-Chinese appetizer) were crunchy on the outside and super tender and juicy in the middle.

I first had shrimp rechard in Austin at G’raj Mahal and loved it. Bombay Sizzler’s was even better đŸ™‚ Rechard masala from the Goa region of India – spicy tangy red paste used most often as a seafood marinade.


We ventured away from chicken tikka masala and tried the less creamy chicken kadai dish that uses a tomato gravy. You can choose boneless or chicken with bones (I personally feel that chicken on the bone has more flavor). Their palak paneer (spinach and cheese curds) was subtlety sweet and helped tone down the other fiery dishes.

Mutton biryani was just ok although the mutton was falling off the bone. Garlic naan was awesome.

Finally, an order of mango lassi and we left the restaurant uncomfortably stuffed but very happy.

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