Salata – Dallas West Village salad bar

Salads may be considered boring to some people, but I’m pretty happy with the latest salad bar restaurant Salata to open in the West Village shops of Dallas. Eatzi’s salad bar gets slammed during the lunch hours and it’s always nice to be able to walk somewhere and not have to drive in Dallas. Salata has more options for toppings compared to other places and if you’re wanting some carbs, you can order a salad wrap instead of the bowl. Today they had 4 different types of chicken to choose from and also had tofu and seafood options. We ended up getting the spicy chipotle chicken and buffalo chicken and tried out their yummy herb vinaigrette dressing. Each salad bowl with chicken came out to be exactly $10 and these bowls are pretty large. 3 basic types of soup are also available and they toast up your bread on the spot. On another note, a second restaurant is opening up right next door. Fingers crossed it’s something good!!! I’d could use a Greek or Indian restaurant right next door to me…




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