My Tho – Garland, TX Vietnamese restaurant

Full disclosure of interests: The restaurant in this post is owned and run by my future in-laws 🙂

Now that I’ve started food blogging again, one post is long over due. Before I met the fiancé, I was already making good progress expanding my knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine, beyond the well known pho (pronounced fuh, not foe) and vermicelli noodle bowls. I spent a month after college touring around Vietnam, and my Vietnamese foodie friends in Dallas also introduced me to dishes like bun rieu, canh chua, and 7 course beef (I will post something on these dishes later). Two years ago, a friend took me to My-Tho (pronounced mee taw) in Garland to try a dry version of hu tieu, a pork based noodle soup filled with chewy noodles, barbecued pork, shrimp, greens, and bits of ground pork, fried shallots, fried pork skin, dried shrimp, and scallions. I’ve had the traditional noodle soup version in the past and was curious to try this dry version with the broth served on the side.

I was hooked! I can be very indecisive sometimes when it comes to ordering, so this dish is the perfect choice when I can’t decide between noodle soup or dry noodles. The noodles come with a delicious savory sauce on the very bottom of the bowl seasoned with fried pork skin and dried shrimp. I like to first mix up the noodles with the sauce and then dip each noodle bite into the separate bowl of broth which also contains ground pork.

Check out their Yelp reviews

My-Tho’s dry hu tieu topped with bbq pork, shrimp, liver, and crispy fried shallots. A house made spicy satay sauce can also be requested.20130429-004610.jpg
You can choose between 4 different noodles: thin egg noodles, thick egg noodles, clear bean noodles, and rice noodles. Here I chose thin egg and clear bean noodles. 20130429-004621.jpg

My other favorites include their bun bo hue (spicy lemongrass beef shank noodle soup) and roasted duck noodle soup.20130429-005459.jpg



There are two restaurants named My-Tho and both are on West Walnut St. in Garland, but neither are affiliated. This one is the original restaurant and is located right in front of Hiep Thai Supermarket off the northeast corner of Jupiter and Walnut.


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