Si Lom – Dallas uptown Thai

Si Lom, a Thai fusion restaurant in Uptown Dallas has been opened for about 6 months now, but I wonder if people even know about it due to its low visibility off Oaklawn St. The restaurant is partially underground and easy to miss when you’re driving by. There’s a parking garage in the back since finding parking along the street can be difficult.

I think we will get our Thai fix from here in the future, instead of driving to Royal Thai or Bangkok City. Here’s why:

Mango seaweed papaya salad – sounds weird but other tables were ordering it and if you’re a fan of seaweed salads at sushi restaurants, you’ve got to give this a try! Sweet and tangy.


We asked for hot and they definitely added a lot of fresh Thai chilis to our large bowl of tom yum. I was sweating!


When it comes to Thai food, even though I’m a self proclaimed foodie, I have to admit we are a bit boring. Fiancé always gets chicken pad Thai and I always get basil seafood. Sorry Bangkok City…Si Lom has you beat in these two dishes.

Their pad Thai has tender chicken chunks, whole deep fried tofu, and the sweet, sour, and salty tamarind sauce is perfectly balanced.


All of the seafood in the basil stir fry tasted very fresh and perfectly cooked. I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that the other place uses frozen seafood.


Our waitress was super sweet and the dimly lit restaurant was nicely decorated and had good ambiance. Best of all, they deliver!!!



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