Shanghai Restaurant Safety Tips

Just flew back to the States after spending 10 days eating my way through Shanghai and it’s surrounding cities. I took my Shanghainese friend’s advice and followed her basic rules for ensuring a happy upset free stomach.

1) Only drink bottled drinks, don’t even allow ice cubes in your drinks and be wary of fruit smoothies (I had a papaya Asian pear smoothie half way through the trip and luckily didn’t get sick)

2) Food inspection signs can usually be seen near registers in most restaurants. You can eat everything including cold appetizers from somewhere with a green smiley face. Stick to hot dishes in places with yellow okay face. Walk away from any restaurant with a red sad face (not that I saw any…the proprietors probably tore those signs down)

Excellent inspection rating

Average inspection rating

I will post more pics of the various dishes that I had while in the country but here are some of interesting snacks that I came across in China.

Tomato beef noodle soup flavored Cheetos! These were yummy!
Tomato beef noodle soup flavored Cheetos

Spicy mapo tofu Pocky-like Pretzel sticks? Didn’t try them since I tend to prefer my Pocky on the sweeter side…

We love lychee! White chocolate covered lychees and delicious lychee Pocky.

Flaky dense pastries filled with different sweet pastes (taro, red bean and salted egg yolk, green tea).

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