Tender flaky pie crust

About two years ago I started making my own pie crusts. After trying several recipes, I found this recipe that always yielded a tender flaky pie crust.

I have tried both the food processor method and hand method described in the recipe and prefer the hand method. When I used the food processor, I felt like I had less control working the frozen butter into the size of peas and the crust wasn’t as flaky. I’ve made several different pies and cup pies using this basic recipe and they always come out tasty. Whole wheat pastry flour also works well when partially substituted for the regular pastry flour.

Here are some filling recipes that I’ve enjoyed using with the pie crust:
1) Pecan pie filling that doesn’t contain corn starch
2) Alton Brown’s pear and blueberry balsamic pie filling (Changes I made to his no pan tart recipe since my version used a pie pan and had a double crust – used 3 pears per pie, used 3 T tapioca flour instead of regular flour and pound cake, egg wash on bottom and sides and allowed to dry, baked at 425 degrees for 30 min on lowest rack, brushed top crust with egg wash and baked for another 20 minutes on the middle rack, adapted from his other recipe – Super Apple Pie Recipe)
3) Apple Cup Pies Recipe
4) Paula Deen’s Delicious Pumpkin Pie Recipe – my mom loved this recipe and took the entire pie home with her

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